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Social Gathering

Camping in Newport

A few weeks ago, I went camping for the first time! My great aunt and uncle, Martha Sue and Jim, had reserved a couple camping spots at a state park in Newport, Oregon. Grandma was planning on going down to join them and Nick and I decided to tag along. The weather had other plans. There was … Continue reading »

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July Birthdays

For my birthday, Nick and I went to Woodland Park Zoo. I was hoping to get some photos of the tigers in their new exhibit, but I had no such luck. It was a hot day and the tigers were sleeping out of sight in the shade. I got some good photos of the other animals, … Continue reading »

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Seahurst Park

Sunday was both Mother’s Day and Nick’s birthday. We celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday by going to Seahurst Park in Burien with Mom and Amanda. It had been a few years since our last visit to Seahurst Park and they’ve done some nice renovations since then, adding new picnic areas, a playground, and a fish ladder. Nick … Continue reading »

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Caleb’s 16th Birthday

My cousin, Caleb, turns 16 today and we celebrated on Saturday with a picnic lunch, trip to the zoo, go kart racing, and pizza for dinner. Woodland Park Zoo Elephants are Caleb’s favorite animal, so he wanted to be sure to see the zoo’s elephants before they go to Oklahoma. The lion cubs are out daily … Continue reading »

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Kurios: Cabinet of Curosities

Nick and I went to the new Cirque du Soleil show, Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities, on Tuesday with Mom, Dad, and Amanda (thanks for the tickets, Amanda!). I had been to other Cirque shows before (Saltimbanco in 2000 and Alegría in 2003), but this was Nick’s first time experiencing Cirque du Soleil. They didn’t allow photography during the performance, so I apologize for … Continue reading »

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Happy 2015!

I was going to post about our hiking trip this weekend when I realized it’s been a while since I updated the blog – whoops! So here’s a quick update before I post about the hike. Christmas It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since Christmas when we still have our Christmas decorations up. Nick … Continue reading »

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Woodland Park Zoo: Winter Celebration

To celebrate the holidays, Woodland Park Zoo has been having winter celebration days this month in which they give the animals holiday-themed treats. The first animals on the winter celebration schedule today were the Asian small-clawed otters, but we found out that it had been cancelled for some reason. Bummer! 🙁 Next were the ocelots. The … Continue reading »

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Curling & Pinball

Curling My family has found curling fascinating since, I think, the Winter Olympics in 2002. When I found out there was a curling club just down the road from us that offered open houses where they teach you the basics of curling, I got super excited and Nick’s mom’s visit was the perfect opportunity to … Continue reading »

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A Post About Moms

Marie’s Mom A couple months ago, Mom found out she had a gigantic cyst on her liver. Although the cyst was benign, its massive size was causing problems for Mom, so she had surgery at the beginning of the month to remove it. The surgery went well (although the tumor had wreaked more havoc than anticipated, making the surgery … Continue reading »

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Eastern Washington Trip

Nick, Amanda, Dad, and I went to Eastern Washington over the weekend to visit with family. On Friday, we went to the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo, where the highlights included ridiculously fluffy chickens, petting an adorable baby dwarf goat, monkeys dressed up like cowboys riding dogs, barrel racing, bull riding, and women in fancy … Continue reading »

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