Kurios: Cabinet of Curosities

Inside Kurios

Nick and I went to the new Cirque du Soleil show, Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities, on Tuesday with Mom, Dad, and Amanda (thanks for the tickets, Amanda!). I had been to other Cirque shows before (Saltimbanco in 2000 and Alegría in 2003), but this was Nick’s first time experiencing Cirque du Soleil.

Kurios Hats

Trying on silly hats with Amanda and Mom

They didn’t allow photography during the performance, so I apologize for the potato-quality pre-performance pictures.

Kurios had great acts, costumes, and music. The contortionists performed on a giant mechanical hand that had moving fingers.

There was a balancing act that was set up like a dinner party where the chandelier went up high into the air, so one of the performers started stacking chairs to reach the chandelier. All of a sudden, it showed an upside-down version of the same dinner party happening on the ceiling, where they were stacking chairs to reach the same chandelier. We thought that was pretty neat.

The trampoline act was probably our favorite. They set up a giant net that covered the entire stage and the performers jumped almost to the top of the tent. It had an underwater theme and we got a kick out of the performers beneath the net who had big fishtails coming from their backs. Nick really wanted to jump on the trampoline. 😛

The acrobatic act at the very end was amazing, too. The performers stood on each other’s shoulders up to four people high, jumping and somersaulting through the air.

One of Kurios’s performers was teeny tiny, only 3.2 feet tall and 39 pounds. She’s one of the smallest people in the world. Her character lived inside the belly of a man with a big, round, metal body.

Here’s a trailer for Kurios:

For Seattleites who are interested in seeing Kurios for yourself, they will be performing in Marymoor Park through March 22.

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