Eastern Washington Trip

Nick, Amanda, Dad, and I went to Eastern Washington over the weekend to visit with family. On Friday, we went to the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo, where the highlights included ridiculously fluffy chickens, petting an adorable baby dwarf goat, monkeys dressed up like cowboys riding dogs, barrel racing, bull riding, and women in fancy dresses riding horses really quickly. I foolishly forgot to bring the camera to the fair, so I don’t have any good pictures to share. Whoops!

Group with Grandpa

Visiting Grandpa

On Saturday, we had a big family picnic and then we went out on my great uncle’s boat on the Columbia River. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and we had a really great day. On Sunday, we spent more time visiting grandparents before we headed home.

Group with Grandma & Grandpa

With Grandma & Grandpa at the picnic

P.S. A big THANK YOU to Ken & Chris for being awesome hosts. 🙂

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