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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Eye Exam

After nearly failing the vision test when getting my driver’s license in July, I needed to see an eye doctor. So on Tuesday, I had my first ever eye exam.  They started with a weird test that blew air in my eyes. Then, I had to read letters under various scenarios. They put some drops in my … Continue reading »

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Piroshky Piroshky

On Saturday, Nick and I went to Pike Place Market with Mom and Amanda. Mom and Amanda took light rail and Nick and I took the bus. We met up at Westlake Center (a few blocks away from Pike Place Market). It took us 45 minutes (including walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop) to … Continue reading »

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Our First PLU Concert & Other Stuff

Before we left Michigan, Nick and I had a friend of ours (Shaun Pezeshki) take some pictures of the two of us around Wayne State’s campus. We got the pictures back a few days ago and I think they turned out pretty well. A few of the best pictures are below: I have been craving turkey … Continue reading »

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While Nick and I were in the grocery store this evening, we saw a mom and her little girl (who was sitting in the shopping cart). As they passed by the display of bananas, the little girl could hardly contain her excitement. She shouted “BANANAS!!!” and got a HUGE grin on her face. It was … Continue reading »

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The Burke Museum

On Thursday, we took advantage of free museum Thursday and went to The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which is on the University of Washington campus. Dad had never been to UW’s campus before, so we walked around campus a bit and saw where Nick works. It’s a very pretty campus and Nick … Continue reading »

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The Honest Store

So, I was hungry at lunch time and decided to take a walk to Jimmy John’s to grab a #4; well on my way to JJ’s I came across this spontaneous “store” that just showed up in Red Square sometime today. It’s The Honest Store and it sells Honest Tea. It turns out for $1 you … Continue reading »

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