Caleb’s 16th Birthday

My cousin, Caleb, turns 16 today and we celebrated on Saturday with a picnic lunch, trip to the zoo, go kart racing, and pizza for dinner.

Woodland Park Zoo

Elephants are Caleb’s favorite animal, so he wanted to be sure to see the zoo’s elephants before they go to Oklahoma. The lion cubs are out daily now, but they weren’t doing much when we saw them… so no good lion pictures this time!

Woodland Park Zoo Peacock

The highlight of our trip to the zoo was probably the peacock, which roams freely at the zoo. It was showing off its feathers and doing 360 degree turns so everyone could see him. Such a ham!

Click the link below to see the photos I took at the zoo!

Flickr photo set: Woodland Park Zoo

Go Kart Racing

After the zoo, we went go kart racing. Caleb and Uncle Eric raced first, Nick and I raced second, and Caleb, Nick, and Eric raced a third race to determine the winner… Nick!

I took some photos, but they came out crummy because it was pretty dark inside.

Go Karts: Nick


Go Karts: Caleb and Eric

Caleb and Eric

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