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Happy holidays! I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Nick and I had 13 people over at our place for Thanksgiving dinner. We weren’t sure if everyone would fit, but it actually wasn’t bad. Nick did a great job with the turkey and there was plenty of other yummy food to eat. We really had … Continue reading »

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Job Update + Zaw Pizza

Several people have asked me how I’ve been enjoying my new game development job. Well, I really like it and I’ve been learning a ton! 🙂 It’s a small start-up company, so it’s just me and two other developers. It took a while to get used to the new software, tools, and libraries and I’m … Continue reading »

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Getting Around

One of the awesome things about our house is that it has a Walk Score of 90, which means there is a lot within walking distance of us. We had some errands to run yesterday (going to the bank, dropping off Redbox, and picking up something for dinner) and we were able to do it … Continue reading »

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Settling In

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we moved in to our new house and it totally feels like home. 🙂 We still have some boxes to unpack and decorations to put up, though, which is probably why we haven’t uploaded many pictures of our place yet. Expect some soon, though! In the meantime, enjoy the … Continue reading »

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More Exciting News!

As if June wasn’t already exciting enough (buying our first house, Nick’s mom coming to visit, 10 year anniversary of Nick and I meeting, Nick hiring a new student assistant at work,…), I have something else exciting to share: I got a job! 😀 I am going to be doing game development for a start-up … Continue reading »

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Magnificat and

Last Monday evening, Nick and I watched Amanda sing in PLU’s Christmas concert at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Benaroya Hall is a beautiful building located in downtown Seattle and it features two glass “chandeliers” by local glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly. Amanda sang her heart out, even though she was sick. Poor Amanda. 🙁 On Thursday … Continue reading »

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I’ve been taking the bus since mid July and this was the first time I’ve had to deal with rain. That’s almost 3 months of no rain before or after work, in Seattle. I was begining to think that the “rainy city” was a myth concocted by the folks who live here to keep everyone … Continue reading »

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My first day at the University of Washington

Today was my first day working at the University of Washington Information School. It has been a pretty awesome day. Marie drove me down so I wouldn’t have to pay for parking ($15/day without having assign/prepaid parking). My office is in Mary Gates Hall (previously the physics building for those who were wondering what building … Continue reading »

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Just heard from Nick

I just heard from Nick! It sounds like he is having a great time. He said everyone is wonderful and they went out to lunch at Shultzy’s Sausage. I can’t wait to hear more about his day when I pick him up this evening! 😀

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Nick’s first day of work

I’m back at Eric’s after dropping Nick off at the University of Washington for his first day of work. So exciting! It took us just over half an hour to get there and it took me a little less than half an hour to get back. Gotta love carpool lanes. 😉 Nick is now a … Continue reading »

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