Woodland Park Zoo: Winter Celebration

Bear with Christmas Tree

To celebrate the holidays, Woodland Park Zoo has been having winter celebration days this month in which they give the animals holiday-themed treats.

The first animals on the winter celebration schedule today were the Asian small-clawed otters, but we found out that itĀ had been cancelled for some reason. Bummer! šŸ™

Bear vs. Christmas Tree

Grizzly eating snacks off a Christmas tree

Next were the ocelots. The zoo keepers brought out a Christmas tree and a wrapped present with three dead mice on top. The first ocelot was super shy and hid, so the zoo keepers brought out the second ocelot, who promptly climbed a tree and took a nap. Silly uncooperative ocelots.

I was super excited to see the tree kangaroo get its holiday treats, but the zoo keepers never showed up. :/

Thankfully, the grizzlies pulled through! We watched the zoo keepers set up two Christmas trees (one for each bear) and decorate them with treats. When the bears came out, they went right to work eating the decorations off the tree. One of the poor bears got a Fruit by the Foot stuck around his ear, which was super amusing for those of us watching him.

It would seem that bears win inĀ Bear vs. Christmas tree, but lose in Bear vs. Fruit by the Foot.

Bear vs. Fruit by the Foot

Bear vs. Fruit by the Foot

I had an old photo of Amanda and me next to the zoo’s lion statue, so I thought it would be fun to recreate it while we were there. Here’s the old photo:

Marie & Amanda w/ Lion

And the pictures we took today:

Marie & Amanda w/ Lion

Marie & Amanda w/ Lion

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