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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Loading Day

Nick and I just left the apartment and we are headed to his mom’s for the next two nights.┬á I’m blogging from the car while Nick drives. ­čśŤ We are so exhausted, sweaty, and achy… definitely looking forward to a shower and a comfy bed. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped load up … Continue reading »

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Our Relocubes have arrived

Our Relocubes from ABF have been delivered! They were scheduled to be delivered yesterday in the afternoon, but the folks at ABF called us up yesterday and let us know that their fleet of 2 delivery trucks was reduced to 1 and our cubes were going to be delayed. They were pretty cool about it … Continue reading »

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Buddy’s with Buddies

Yesterday, we visited Nick’s aunt and cousins. We talked about the move and what life is going to be like in Seattle. Hopefully, they’ll come visit us in Seattle soon. ­čÖé Today, we had our farewell lunch at Wasabi (Korean & Japanese restaurant in Detroit) with our Marketing coworkers. My Computer Science friends introduced me … Continue reading »

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Boxes and Packing

We have more stuff than I realized.┬áMy mom gave us a bunch of boxes last weekend when we were over at her place going through some of my old stuff, but it turns out that wasn’t enough. So, we were lucky enough to get some more boxes from Paul, over at CMP. He hooked us … Continue reading »

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Michigan Oddities

There are a few funny things about Michigan that I’ve learned about since moving here. Here are just a few. ­čÖé Fish flies Well, we sure aren’t going to miss fish flies. Most of you probably don’t know what a fish fly is, so I’ll get to that in a minute. Today, we went to … Continue reading »

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Long and Busy Day

Nick and I got a lot accomplished today. We took the cars in for checkups at the car doctors, acquired a few more boxes from┬áCMP, deposited a box of rolled change at the bank, spent a small fortune on special packing boxes and moving blankets from U-Haul, and packed some more boxes. Boxes, boxes, boxes! … Continue reading »

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Car checkups

Right now I’m sitting in the Smart center (picture below) in Bloomfield Hills waiting for my car. It’s crazy that our Smart (aka Gunter) is almost at 50,000 miles. Marie took our Escape in earlier today as well. So our cars are now all checked out and ready for our trip across the country. We … Continue reading »

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Thunderstorm Update

Michigan’s certainly putting up a fight tonight with an impressive thunderstorm. Sorry, though, Michigan… it’s not going to be enough to keep us here. ­čśë Nick and I did some more packing tonight and we┬ádisassembled┬áthe dining table. Our apartment’s starting to look bare and weird now, in spite of having our things strewn all about … Continue reading »

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The beginning of our new adventure

Since I accepted a job offer at the┬áInformation School at the University of Washington last week, Marie and I started on a new adventure. We’re moving from Detroit, Michigan to Seattle, Washington and we’re doing it all in 2 weeks. We’re planning on using this blog to document our move so family and friends can … Continue reading »

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