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Strawberries & Pickles

The best thing about having your own garden is eating the food you grow. This year, we tried strawberries for the first time and we grew pickling cucumbers again. Strawberries We got our strawberry plant on a whim in April. We had read that it was best to pinch off the flowers for the first season to … Continue reading »

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Garden Update

Here’s what’s going on in our garden right now: Beans I wanted to grow some green beans this year and since we don’t have a lot of space in our backyard, I wanted to go with pole beans (which grow tall) instead of bush beans (which take up more room). The only pole bean variety I found at … Continue reading »

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4th of July & Raspberries

I hope you all had a fun 4th of July! Nick, Amanda, and I went over to Dad’s for a BBQ. We watched the Brazil vs. Colombia quarter-finals World Cup game, ate some yummy food, and went on a spontaneous trip to a couple parks in Renton, where we played on the playground and saw salmon … Continue reading »

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We Have Peas!

Snow Peas We got a dwarf snow pea starter two months ago on a whim. It grew quickly and we realized the pea plant needed support. We initially gave it some bamboo sticks to grab on to, but it outgrew those, so we got it a plant cage, which it liked much better. It started flowering at … Continue reading »

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May Update

Hi, everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates. Nick and I are both doing great; we just haven’t had much to blog about lately. Here’s what we’ve been up to: Mariners Game Mom won tickets to a Mariners game in a raffle at work, so Nick and I spent Mother’s Day at Safeco Field with … Continue reading »

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Our Latest Garden Addition: Primrose

Over the weekend (a long weekend, thanks to President’s Day), Nick and I went to Molbak’s to get some primrose for the garden. We have a walkway along the side of our house that should be perfect for them. We planted them in the rain (it has been an abnormally wet February), but we had … Continue reading »

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Gardening: Our First Attempt

After 6 years of living in apartments, it’s been so nice to have our own house. The transition to being homeowners has been pretty easy, but it also comes with new experiences – like gardening! Neither of us had any prior gardening knowledge, so it’s been a lot of fun experimenting and learning as we … Continue reading »

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Working in the Garden

The results of 1.5 hours of pruning this morning (with Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man out of You” stuck in my head): Now I just need to tend to the rest of the garden… 😉

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