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About Us

Hi! We are Nick and Marie West and we want to share our trip out west (from Detroit to Seattle) with you.

Who are you?


Hi, I'm Marie!

We are a happy (and a bit goofy!) married couple who have been living in Michigan and are now preparing for a move to Seattle in early July 2011.

We met in 2002 because of a random online chatroom invitation. We spent hours everyday talking online with each other and the rest of the online community we created (comprised of other online friends, as well as “real life” friends). In 2005, Marie decided to move from her home in the Seattle area to live with Nick in Michigan and we were married in 2007.

Why are you moving?


Hi, I'm Nick!

Nick was working on his B.S. in Computer Science at Wayne State University when Marie came to Michigan, so we planned on moving to Seattle after he graduated. Then, Nick was offered a full-time job at the university, which came with tuition benefits for Marie. So, Marie went to the university and also graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science. Shortly thereafter, Nick began looking for jobs out in Seattle and was offered a job at the University of Washington in June 2011. With only 2.5 weeks to prepare for the move, it’s certainly an adventure!

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Katie

    I stumbled upon your blog while googling blogs in Seattle. How do you two mange with the winter in Seattle? Are there long periods with no sun? I’m considering moving there one day, but don’t know if I could actually handle the gloominess. I can handle the cold because I’m from Boston. Thanks!

    • Nick

      Hi Katie. We moved here from Michigan, so we were used to cold (mostly grey) winters before moving to Seattle. Here the winters stay mild. Most days were in the 40s this past winter, so that was a welcome relief. The few days where snow did fall it pretty much closed everything down and no one left their homes. The hills and lack of infrastructure to handle big snow storms here makes it interesting when it snows. There were only about 5 days of real snow all winter (which I’m told is more than usual) and it melted in a day or two. If you like snow, though, the mountains get plenty of it and aren’t far away at all.

      It definitely does rain here in the winter, but the rain here isn’t like it is in the Midwest. In Michigan rain general meant if you were outside without an umbrella for more than a few minutes you got pretty wet. Here, it’s more of a mist than a rain most days and umbrellas are only for “transplants” and tourists. Overall I’d say the winters are more tolerable here than Michigan.

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