Boxes and Packing

We have more stuff than I realized.┬áMy mom gave us a bunch of boxes last weekend when we were over at her place going through some of my old stuff, but it turns out that wasn’t enough.


So, we were lucky enough to get some more boxes from Paul, over at CMP. He hooked us up with some nice boxes and packing tape and now I think we’ll have enough boxes. Getting free boxes has certainly helped make this less painful. Thanks go out to both my mom and Paul!

We have stacks of boxes all over our apartment, our walls are nearly bare and our bookshelf is eerily empty. It’s weird to see our apartment in such disarray. I can’t wait to get on the other side and start the unpacking.

In other news, we ran the oven through the cleaning cycle and while I was out picking up some other packing supplies. Marie had to deal with a smoke detector that kept going off and she couldn’t reach to unplug it (we’ve already disassembled our chairs). She fanned it with an unassembled cardboard box to get it to stop.

We packed up everything in the kitchen today, so from now on we’ll be eating out. We have plans already most nights so it shouldn’t be a problem. We also put the old door knobs back on our bedroom and bathroom doors. They were originally crappy plastic ones that we had replaced with some nice stylish door knobs we picked up Home Depot. I also put the crappy old thermostat back on and packed our nice programmable one.

So overall now I’d say we’re 85% packed. We’ll have Wednesday to finish up and get everything ready to load into the Relocubes on Thursday. Already recruited some helpers for that; thanks Mom, Dad, Harry, Mike & Cherie.

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