Getting Around

One of the awesome things about our house is that it has a Walk Score of 90, which means there is a lot within walking distance of us. We had some errands to run yesterday (going to the bank, dropping off Redbox, and picking up something for dinner) and we were able to do it all in a short walk. There are several bus stops around us, too, so Nick is able to take any one of three buses (whichever gets to the bus stop first) on his way home from work, which is pretty nice.

There isn’t, however, a nice way for me to get to work via bus. 🙁 It takes me about 45 minutes to get to work in the morning and an hour home in the evening (yay traffic). I usually see several other Smart Car drivers during my commute, though, and their smiling and waving helps makes the drive more bearable. 😛

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  1. Margaret

    Always pros and cons I guess. Sounds like you have the drive Nick used to have to Wayne. Hope you can tweak your hours to be on the road at lower traffic times. Thank goodness for Gunter and all his ‘relatives’ to help cheer you on your drive! 🙂 Would love to see a blog with more about your job sometime too!

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