Magnificat and

Last Monday evening, Nick and I watched Amanda sing in PLU’s Christmas concert at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Benaroya Hall is a beautiful building located in downtown Seattle and it features two glass “chandeliers” by local glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly. Amanda sang her heart out, even though she was sick. Poor Amanda. 🙁

On Thursday afternoon, I had a phone interview with that went pretty well. The interview was with a developer at Amazon Webstore (where I would also work, if I get offered the job). The phone interview was very technical and I think I did a good job answering his questions. After I got off the phone, though, I thought of a better solution for the last question he asked me. D’oh! I heard back from Amazon the next day and they want me do a 5-8 hour on-site interview at the beginning of January. 🙂

In other news, I created a desktop application for the University of Washington Information School IT Help Desk. When someone is experiencing a technical problem on their computer, the application lets the user submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk (and, for the IT guys, it also collects and submits relevant system information about the machine). They are really happy with the application and it is probably going to go on the lab computers within the next week or so. Very cool!

And Nick and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary today. 🙂

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