The Burke Museum


Dad in a mask

Dad in a Carnival mask

On Thursday, we took advantage of free museum Thursday and went to The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which is on the University of Washington campus. Dad had never been to UW’s campus before, so we walked around campus a bit and saw where Nick works. It’s a very pretty campus and Nick and I are excited to see it in the spring when the cherry trees are in bloom. 🙂

The Burke Museum was founded in 1885 and is Washington’s oldest museum. The special exhibit when we visited was Carnaval, which was all about Carnival celebrations throughout the world. There were lots of bright colors and fun outfits and at the end of the exhibit, you could try on some masks yourself. Dad had fun trying on all of the silliest masks. Elsewhere in the museum, there were lots of fossils and artifacts showing the history of life in Washington. On the lower floor, there was art, clothing, instruments, ceremonial items, etc. from all sorts of different Pacific cultures.

We had fun hanging out with Dad and afterwards, he came over and we cooked him dinner.

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