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After nearly failing the vision test when getting my driver’s license in July, I needed to see an eye doctor. So on Tuesday, I had my first ever eye exam.  They started with a weird test that blew air in my eyes. Then, I had to read letters under various scenarios. They put some drops in my eyes to make them dilate and then ran some more tests and used the tool with all of the dials and lenses on it (a phoropter – thanks, Google). After all that, the doctor told me my eyes really aren’t that bad; I just suffer from mild myopia (nearsightedness). He gave me a prescription for eye glasses that he said I’d probably hardly ever use, but they might come in handy when watching a movie or concert. The doctor sent me home with a sexy pair of cheap, cardboard+plastic sunglasses to help with the brightness due to my eye dilation. To be honest, the brightness didn’t really bother me much more than normal, but I wore the glasses anyway because they were just so awesome… lol. 😉

Lunch at 909

Lunch at 909

Mom drove me to and from the eye doctor because they recommend not driving right after your eye exam (until your eyes get back to normal). The two of us went out to lunch afterwards at 909 Coffee & Wine, a cute little restaurant in Burien. We split a Beef & Blue salad (steak, artichoke hearts, onions, and blue cheese) and a soup with beef and greens in it. It was really yummy. 🙂 We walked down the street to visit the little Danish Bakery, but it has apparently shut down. Zut! The new chocolate shop sounds promising, though. We poked our heads in a little kitchen shop instead and I found some super cute gnome glasses (drinking glasses, not eye glasses!). Nick’s and my kitchen cupboards are cramped (we really lack in cabinet space in this apartment), but I took two of the glasses home with me anyway. 🙂

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  1. Amanda

    Oooo! Gnome glasses?! You should post pictures! 😀

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