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Author Archives: Marie

Happy 2015!

I was going to post about our hiking trip this weekend when I realized it’s been a while since I updated the blog – whoops! So here’s a quick update before I post about the hike. Christmas It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since Christmas when we still have our Christmas decorations up. Nick … Continue reading »

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Woodland Park Zoo: Winter Celebration

To celebrate the holidays, Woodland Park Zoo has been having winter celebration days this month in which they give the animals holiday-themed treats. The first animals on the winter celebration schedule today were the Asian small-clawed otters, but we found out that it had been cancelled for some reason. Bummer! 🙁 Next were the ocelots. The … Continue reading »

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Woodland Park Zoo

As a Christmas present for ourselves, Nick and I got annual memberships to Woodland Park Zoo. It’s only 5 miles from home and, if nothing else, it’s a good excuse to go for a walk and practice photography. Nick and I went to the zoo over the weekend. It was kind of a gloomy day (not … Continue reading »

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Painting the Kitchen

This long-overdue post is about Nick’s and my painting project that started back in September, while Nick’s mom was in town. Neither of us had much painting experience and she (generously!) offered to teach us the ropes. We painted the entry, stairway, living room, mantle, and kitchen. We liked the greyish color the previous owners … Continue reading »

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Museum of Flight

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on. Neither of us have been feeling well and Nick stayed home sick for most of the week. There was a shooting at my cousin’s school, but thankfully he’s okay. Yesterday, there was a big windstorm in Western Washington with 50 mph winds. Nick and I lost power, but … Continue reading »

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Cherry Creek Falls

On Sunday, Nick and I hiked Cherry Creek Falls in Duvall (about a 45 minute drive from home). It was a sunny day with temperatures in the low 70’s, so I thought it’d be a good day for a hike. Cherry Creek Falls statistics*: Roundtrip: 5.0 miles Elevation gain: 450 feet Highest point: 705 feet … Continue reading »

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Seattle Central Library & Seattle Art Museum

Nick and I recently went to Seattle Public Library’s downtown Central Library and the Seattle Art Museum with our friend, Sean. It was the first time Nick and I had been to the Central Library (*gasp!*) and Nick’s first time visiting SAM (I had been there before, but it had been a long time). Seattle … Continue reading »

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Curling & Pinball

Curling My family has found curling fascinating since, I think, the Winter Olympics in 2002. When I found out there was a curling club just down the road from us that offered open houses where they teach you the basics of curling, I got super excited and Nick’s mom’s visit was the perfect opportunity to … Continue reading »

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Wallace Falls

Two weeks ago, while Nick’s mom was visiting us, we drove up to the tiny town of Gold Bar and hiked Wallace Falls. Wallace Falls features a 265-foot waterfall along with several smaller falls. Wallace Falls Statistics: Roundtrip: 5.6 miles Elevation Gain: 1300 ft Highest Point: 1570 ft One really neat thing about Wallace Falls is that you … Continue reading »

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A Post About Moms

Marie’s Mom A couple months ago, Mom found out she had a gigantic cyst on her liver. Although the cyst was benign, its massive size was causing problems for Mom, so she had surgery at the beginning of the month to remove it. The surgery went well (although the tumor had wreaked more havoc than anticipated, making the surgery … Continue reading »

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