Tandoori Chicken and a BBQ

Our New BBQ Grill

One of the things that Marie and I were really excited for about getting a house was the ability to have a barbecue grill. This was a high priority purchase for us since summer just started and something about summer time grilling is just so appealing. Today, Marie’s dad, Larry, came over and we went grill shopping with him. Marie and I had already been scouting out grills and found two different style grills in our price range and size at Lowe’s. After having Larry take a gander at them and approve of either, and with some extra help from a friendly sales person at Lowe’s, we made a decision and went home with a grill. It only took the two of us just under an hour to assemble it. Assembly was easy, and the instructions were clear to read so it was a breeze.

Tandoori Chicken

While Larry was over we cooked tandoori chicken for dinner. He’d never had it before, but it’s a favorite of ours since discovering tandoori chicken last year. To fancy it up a bit we grilled red peppers and made saffron rice instead of the standard white rice. Of course we also grilled up a couple of naan breads to accompany the meal. It was a hit and Larry said he’d love to help us eat it next time we cook it.


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