We Got a New Camera

The Fin Project (Whale Fin Statues) at Magnuson

Marie and I have been without a nice camera for a while and although our phones have been great for taking snapshots here and there, we’ve been wanting to get a nicer bit of hardware so we can really take some great shots. So we finally decided that we should get ourselves an entry level DSLR. We ended up getting a Canon T2i on the recommendation of our friend Shaun Pezeshki.

So yesterday we went to Magnuson Park (the park that’s just a short walk from our apartment). We took a bunch of pictures, so we decided to start using Flickr to share them, rather than try to cram them all in blog posts.

Flickr photo set: Magnuson Park

The Space Needle from Kerry Park

Today turned out to be an even nicer day than yesterday, so we used our new camera as an excuse to go to a couple of parks that were a bit further away. We went to Kerry Park to try and capture a good picture of the Seattle skyline from the North. The neat thing about the Northern shot is that it puts the Space Needle front and center. If you noticed that we have a new skyline shot in our blog header, now you know where it’s from. It was the best shot we got from Kerry Park today; we’re hoping to go back and get a night shot some other day.

After Kerry Park we headed over to the Arboretum for a leisurely stroll and more photo opportunities..

Flickr photo set: Kerry Park and the Arboretum

Part of the reason we decided to get the new camera was to help motivate us to get out and see more of the city. We’ve mostly fallen into a regular pattern now that life has normalized and is less chaotic than it was when we first got here. So expect to see more photos from cool places in the Seattle area on our blog soon!

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