Three weeks later

Drumheller Fountain

Drumheller Fountain

The picture to the left is Drumheller Fountain. It’s right outside Mary Gates Hall (the building I work in) and on a clear day like today, you can see Mount Rainier in the distance. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up as well in the photo as it does in person.

I’ve been working at the University of Washington for three weeks already. Time has been flying by so quickly! There’s so much for me to work on and so much for me still to learn that I’ve been more than keeping busy. Work has been really great so far. Everyone I work with is pretty much awesome and the job itself is what I enjoy doing, so things are great.

The weather here in Seattle has been outstanding. For a little while we had low 70s and cloudy drizzly days, but that wasn’t really all that bad in my book (sure beats 90+ and muggy). This forecast though, oh my goodness. This is what I would call absolutely perfect. Warm mostly sunny days with cool nights. The humidity here is really low compared to Michigan summers too!

Weather forecast - Week of 7/29

We’ve been busy almost every night so far too. Between dinners with friends and families and exploring the area and taking care of miscellaneous stuff, we haven’t had a lot of time to just hang out at home. It’s been a ton of fun and I expect it will continue to be!

A quick summary of things we’ve done this week:

  • We made Raspberry jam!
  • Lunch at Ivar’s at Pike Place Market with Marie’s mom Carrie and sister Amanda to celebrate Marie’s birthday.
  • Had dinner at Outback with Marie’s dad Larry to celebrate Marie’s birthday.
  • Hung out with Martin (one of my new coworkers) and his wife Shelly at their place and had some awesome pizza from Zaw.
  • We made a trip up to the cabin to drop off some boxes.
  • Marie went out and registered our cars and got us some Washington license plates.
  • Went out to dinner at Costa’s on the Ave (Greek restaurant) with Carrie and Amanda to celebrate Carrie’s birthday.

Each of those really deserve their own blog post, but we’ve just been so busy! Sorry everyone, we’ll try to post more often. In fact, we’ll post tomorrow for sure; we have a fun outing planned!

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