Our last day at Wayne State

I’ve been working in the Marketing department at Wayne State for more than 4 years now. Marie has also been working in Marketing since February, filling in for our content administrator while she was out on maternity leave. So today is our last day working here (together) and it feels so weird. It’s been an easy day so far; I’m just tying up some lose ends and getting ready to delete my user account off this computer *gulp*.

The awesome folks we work with made this for us to remember them by.

The MAC Staff

They printed and matted it so we’ll have to pick up a frame once we get to Seattle. I’m sure going to miss everyone here, but I’ll be in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, instant messenger, email, phone, etc. From what I know so far, it seems like the folks at the UW iSchool are as awesome as my current coworkers, so I thinkĀ I’ll feel as at home and welcome there there as I do here at Wayne.

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