Night two – Gillette Wyoming



Today was eventful. We woke up in Minnesota and enjoyed the tasty homemade waffles at the Comfort Inn continental breakfast. Then we fueled up and hit the road. Before we knew it we were in South Dakota. Marie already posted about the world’s only corn palace and the famous Wall Drug, but she didn’t post about Deadwood South Dakota.

We stopped in Deadwood, which was a bit out of the way, because the first time we drove to Michigan from Seattle that’s where we stayed for the night. Why? Well, because Marie’s family loves Calamity Jane (the musical) and they introduced it to me before we hit the road. It takes place in Deadwood and is a complete riot.

Funny thing about that Wild Bill sign… every saloon on the street has a sign with the same claim. :-p

So tonight we made it to Gillette Wyoming. Another Comfort Inn means more homemade waffles for breakfast. Can’t wait for tommorow. The plan is to go adventuring (details coming later) and possibly make it to Eastern Washington for our next night.

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