New Tiger & Sloth Bear Exhibit

Woodland Park Zoo’s new exhibit, Banyan Wilds, opened to the public on Saturday. The first phase of the exhibit added a habitat for Asian small-clawed otters and an aviary for tropical Asian birds. This final phase created a home for the zoo’s sloth bears and three Malayan tiger brothers.

One of the Malayan tigers

One of the Malayan tigers

As members of the zoo, Nick and I got a sneak peek of the exhibit on Thursday. It was packed, so it wasn’t a great photo-taking opportunity. I’ll go back for better photos when it’s less crowded. 😛 The exhibit was nice and it seems like the animals have plenty of room to move around. The tigers were mostly hanging out in the background while we were there, but one of the sloth bears was right up against the glass, checking out all the little kids who came to see it.

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