Emerald Downs Horse Racing

Horses racing at Emerald Downs

Marie, Dad, Amanda at Emerald Downs

Father’s Day at Emerald Downs

Last Sunday was Father’s Day and to celebrate, we took Dad out to Emerald Downs, the local horse racing track. We couldn’t believe how busy it was! None of us had ever seen such a crowd there. We even had to give up on getting garlic fries because of how massive the line was.

Nick and I brought our camera along and we took a bunch of photos. We uploaded some of the good ones to our Flickr account, so be sure to check them out. There’s a link to the album below.

We all had a good time — even Dad, who bet on just about every race and lost every single time. 😛

Flickr album: Emerald Downs

Stables at Emerald Downs


An unlikely win at Emerald Downs

An unlikely win

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