Meadowbrook Pond & Homemade Pizza

Meadowbrook Pond

Hi, everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since Nick and I blogged last. We’ve settled in at home and haven’t really had anything blog-worthy to talk about lately. We’re both very happy and doing well, though! 😀

The weather was beautiful yesterday (sunny and cloudless, temperature in the mid 50’s), so we went for a walk to nearby Meadowbrook Park (pictured above). It’s a peaceful little sanctuary that’s home to diverse wildlife (ducks, beavers, cranes, geese, otters, etc.) and interesting architecture. We saw lots of ducks and a handful of Canadian geese while we were there.

Homemade square pizza with pepperoni and basil

Homemade square pizza with pepperoni and basil

In Seattle, we are surrounded by mountains. There are the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west. The mountains are absolutely stunning on clear days — especially this time of year, when they’re still covered in snow. There’s a scenic spot nearby that we went to yesterday that has a great view of the mountains. I didn’t have my camera on me, but I’ll try to get a picture another time.

Nick has been craving Jet’s Pizza lately. It’s a Michigan pizza company that makes deep dish, square pizzas… and there isn’t anything like it (that we’ve found) in the Seattle area. So, Nick decided we should make our own! He ordered some pizza pans online from a company in Michigan (the same or similar to the ones Jet’s uses) and we found a “foolproof pan pizza” recipe. We made the dough and sauce from scratch and had our homemade Jet’s-inspired pizza for dinner tonight. It turned out really, really good!

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