Decorating for Christmas

Nick and I had fun decorating our new home for the holidays over the weekend. We brought up our boxes of garland, lights, ornaments, and decorations and enjoyed figuring out where to put everything. Now that we have a fireplace, we’ll have to pick up some stocking holders so we can hang our stockings above the fire. We’ll probably want to get a bigger tree for next year, too. Our old apartments just didn’t have the space we have now. 😉

We also had a good time playing with Lego over the weekend. We even built a Lego ornament for our tree, based on an instruction guide I found online.

And yes, that is a Yoda Santa hat on top of our tree. 🙂

Decorated for Christmas

Decorated for Christmas

Lego ornament

Lego ornament

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2 Responses to Decorating for Christmas

  1. Margaret Plettl

    Looks really nice you guys! The whole room looks beautiful!! Glad to hear you two had some fun with your Lego… (hm, maybe next year you can just build a whole tree with Lego! I’m betting you might have enough, just might run short on green ones!)

  2. Michael Plettl

    Its begining to look a lot like Christmas…… looks great guys… keep the updates coming .. love hearing what you both are up to ….. I like that lego ornament

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