Temperature via Arduino

It’s hot in Seattle this weekend with highs in the 90’s. Because of Seattle’s mild climate, most homes here don’t have air conditioning. The weather is generally nice enough that you don’t need a/c or heat most of the year.

On what is likely to be one of the hottest weekends of the year, Nick and I had the brilliant idea to spend our time working on my dad’s website. So we spent today in our computer room, which not only generates tons of heat from our computers, it is also on the top (aka hottest) floor. 😛

At some point, we were wondering just how hot it was in the computer room, but we didn’t have a thermometer to measure the temperature. Nick tried a meat thermometer, but we didn’t think that would be a very reliable source. 😛 Then, Nick remembered that our Arduino kit (which we got a while back, but haven’t used yet) came with a temperature sensor. We ended up building and programming our very own binary display thermometer, pictured below!

For the geeky details, visit my blog post on my other blog, xaben.com! 🙂

Arduino Binary Thermometer

Our Arduino binary thermometer (87 degrees!)

P.S. We have other things we’ve been meaning to blog about, too, and we’ll do that soon – promise. 😛

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