Seattle Apartment – Before & After

Yesterday’s move from the apartment to the townhouse went well. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and there wasn’t any rain. We had two pickup trucks to haul our furniture and each truck took two trips, so we were done pretty quickly. The only casualty was a spare glass Pyrex measuring cup… and we had a few minor dents in the walls/ceiling and a scratch in the wood railing. Overall, not too bad. Thanks again to everyone who helped out! *Hugs*

Nick and I have spent today settings things up and unpacking. No pictures yet, but we’ll probably have some tomorrow. Nick cooked dinner on the gas stove for the first time tonight. He’s very happy to have gas again instead of electric. 😛

I put together some before and after photos of the apartment. The before photos are on the left and the after photos are on the right. Sorry that some of the before photos are old; I forgot to take pictures before we started packing. Whoops!


Apartment Bathroom

Bedroom (the loft):

Apartment Bedroom


Apartment Kitchen

Living Room:

Apartment Living Room


Apartment Office

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