Dinner with Dad

Dad was up our neck of the woods yesterday to attend the first concert in Amanda’s last college choir tour. Over the next few days, she’ll be singing with Choir of the West throughout Washington and Oregon.

Marie and Nick at Ivar's Salmon House

Marie and Nick at Ivar's Salmon House

We were going to meet Dad at a Thai restaurant in the U District, but it was closed. 🙁 Nick was in the mood for fish and chips, so we decided to have dinner at Ivar’s Salmon House instead. Dinner was great and we had a beautiful view of downtown Seattle and Lake Union from our table. There were a lot of sailboats on the water yesterday and we saw some seaplanes take off and land while we ate, too. Dad hadn’t been to Gas Works Park in years, so we walked around the park after dinner. He told us about the chowder cook-offs there used to be at Gas Works Park. I looked online and it seems like they still do the chowder cook-offs, but it’s along the Seattle waterfront now. The next one is coming up soon: Saturday, May 12 as part of the Seattle Maritime Festival. We just might have to go! 😉

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