Molbak’s and Purple

Nick and I just got back from an afternoon of fun with my mom. We went to Molbak’s, which is a well-known local plant nursery in Woodinville (about half an hour away). This time of year, though, they have all sorts of Christmas ornaments, decorated Christmas trees, a large collection of poinsettias, and samples of Danish Kringle, teas, and other holiday treats. Molbak’s had a large gnome display and we were so excited when we saw it! Nick and I got a gnome that hangs from a clothespin, two short gnomes (that perfectly match our Christmas table runner!), and two cute mushroom ornaments for our tree. After Molbak’s, the three of us went to Purple Cafe and Wine Bar for lunch. It was the first time Nick and I had been there and the food was delicious! We shared a flight of cheese and then Nick got a burger with homemade smoked tomato jam (which he LOVED); I got a turkey, havarti, and bacon sandwich with an apple, walnut, and stilton salad; and Mom also got the apple, walnut, and stilton salad. Everything was really good and we left with very happy tummies. 🙂

Pictures below are of the gnome display at Molbak’s, my lunch at Purple, our short gnomes on their matching table runner, and the hanging clothespin gnome.

Molbak's gnome displayMolbak's gnome displayLunch at Purple

Short gnomesClothespin gnome - frontClothespin gnome - back

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