Pictures of the New Apartment

Here are some pictures of the new apartment! This apartment is only 565 square feet (compared to 740 square feet at our old apartment), so we have had to be creative in finding places for our things. 😛 I think the pictures make the apartment look smaller than it feels, though.

Our New Apartment

Our New Apartment

Working from left to right, row by row:

1. This is our “not so great room.” Nick and I used to call the equivalent room at the old apartment the “great room,” but Mom giggled at us when we tried to call it that. Due to its size, it has now been deemed the “not so great room.” The pile of boxes has been slowly diminishing each day. Nick and I bought a coffee table on Sunday, but it’s still in its box for now (we didn’t think our glass coffee table would survive the move, so we didn’t bother bringing it). There are windows along the entire left wall that look out onto some pretty trees, grass, and a children’s play area. The kitchen is on the other side of the half-wall behind the couch. The ladder goes up to the…

2. Loft! This is the view of the “not so great room” from the loft. Our bedroom furniture couldn’t all fit in one room, so it’s scattered throughout the apartment. Thus, Nick’s armoire is next to the TV. We hooked up our TV, Internet, and Playstation 3 over the weekend. I think we’re waiting to find some cables before we hook up the Wii.

3. The loft is serving as our bedroom (the actual bedroom was too small). There are a few windows in the loft and there is a fair bit of room at the foot of the bed (we have a nightstand and small dresser there for now).

4. Our little kitchen! We have had to be especially creative in this kitchen because there is only one usable above-counter cabinet. There is a small cabinet above the fridge that is essentially unusable and another above the stove that has hardly any storage space and I can’t reach it anyway. 😉 Also, unlike the old apartment, we don’t have a pantry. We found a nice bookshelf at Dania that we wanted to use as a makeshift pantry (and, later, as a bookshelf… once we found a house), but they were on backorder until September. 🙁 So we bought a five-tier shelving unit from Storables instead, which sits in the entryway.

5. This is our office, which was supposed to be the bedroom. It is quite small. 😛 Nick and I got some desks at Ikea on Sunday, because we left our computer desks behind. We have another five-tier shelving unit in the back corner for additional storage, which left just enough room for the dresser.

6. Our desks in the office. My desk is on the left (Nick’s is not set up yet) and the room ends at the left edge of my desk. There is also a small closet to my left.

Ta da! That is our new apartment. It’s small, but we like it. 🙂 We love the location – we are right next to Magnuson Park and only a short drive/bus ride from the University of Washington!

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