First Seattle Show

The Vain Transparent

The Vain Transparent

Nick and I went to our first show since our move to Seattle. My friend, Matt, is the drummer for a band called The Vain Transparent and they performed last night at Studio 7. I missed the name of the first band that performed, but the second band was a group from Arizona called Fight the Quiet. Nick and I had a good time and it was fun to be out doing things in Seattle at night.

This morning, I got to spend some time with my friend, Allie, who was a little banged up after a mishap that occurred while biking over here. She’ll be okay, though. 🙂 We had breakfast at Specialty’s Café & Bakery in University Village. We almost ate at the Tokyo Sweets crepe place (Japanese crepes?!), but they were closed. Aww. We’ll have to go back there sometime to try them.

Nick and I still have lots of unpacking left to do, but I’ll post pictures of the apartment a little later. And I need to find a job. 😛

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