My first day at the University of Washington

Today was my first day working at the University of Washington Information School. It has been a pretty awesome day. Marie drove me down so I wouldn’t have to pay for parking ($15/day without having assign/prepaid parking). My office is in Mary Gates Hall (previously the physics building for those who were wondering what building this is). The office is a good size for the group of people that I’ll be working with (four full time IT people and a handful of student assistants). It’s an open office with a bunch of desks and 2 nice big windows that open. I’m on a 27″ iMac with an extra 24″ monitor (even more desktop space than before or at home).

My new work home (Mary Gates Hall)

The building itself is pretty confusing, but it looks awesome and has a ton of artwork to view while trying to find your way around. I’m on the third floor but the Information School has folks on multiple floors (from garden level up to the 3rd, maybe 4th?). The weather today was pretty much perfect (70s and only slightly cloudy) except for a slight drizzle on the way home from work.

My day was pretty busy with meeting everyone, learning my way around and filling out some HR paperwork. Everyone I met seems to be really awesome and I’m very excited to get to know them all better, especially the IT team. Martin, one of my new coworkers, was an awesome tour guide who showed me around the building and gave me a quick bit of campus highlights while we walked to lunch. We ate at Schultzy’s Sausage on the Ave. I had “The Schultzy” for lunch. It’s a sausage burger with onions and bell peppers on it, and it was quite tasty.

All in all, I’m very excited to dive into work and get to know everyone in the Information School. It’s going to be quite a bit different from Wayne, but I think it’s a good different and I’m pretty geeked about getting to work in this environment.


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  1. deborah benedic

    I met your COOL mom when I walked into her office and admired all the interesting quotes she had posted. Since then we have shared poetry and meet up once or twice a year.

    Best of luck in Seattle. I have only been there once to visit my friend’s daughter who worked both as a volunteer for a year and later was put on the payroll for a Seattle newspaper that focuses on helping the homeless.

    Some of the things I loved there: the Market, the bookstore near the mkt., (vague, sorry!), the yoga in the park, the other side of the bay where it is such a resort and everyone plays volleyball on the beach, the view from the Space Needle, the great restaurants, the views…our side trip to where Chilule (sp) glass is made in Tacoma…you will find your own favs, and seems that sandwich already made its mark! A building w/lots of art…very cool! (we sell art Sorry to ramble…I woke up and decided to get tired by typing.

    I hope you enjoy your new job…liking what you do is certainly the key! I loved 34 years of teaching high school French, English, International Cultures and Modern Dance! Now retired, I find I have less time (?) than when I worked. Very ironic and unexpected!

    Enjoy your summer.

  2. Rolaine

    Hi guys!! Nick Im glad to hear that you’re loving the new place! Super excited for you and for all the things that awaits you! Regards to Marie and tell her I love the note she left on my desk! It made me smile! Good luck you two and best wishes!

  3. Jdawg

    Very prestigious looking!

  4. kathy williamson

    I’m very pleased and happy for your new job in Seattle and know you are glad to be there. Just hope Marie is not too jealous and sad not to be working. But I know her time will come and she can pick and choose what’s best for her.

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